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Having good posture is about more than looking good. It helps you to develop strength, flexibility, and balance in your body. These can all lead to less muscle pain and more energy throughout the day. Proper posture also reduces stress on your muscles and ligaments, which can reduce your risk of injury.

Today our lifestyles have become more sedentary than ever before. After a long day at the office and an even longer commute most of us have a hard time fitting in any exercise. As a result, there is a marked increase in people suffering with neck, shoulder, and back pain.

To help correct your standing posture, imagine a string attached to the top of your head pulling you upwards. The idea is to keep your body in perfect alignment, maintaining the spine's natural curvature, with your neck straight and shoulders parallel with the hips: keep your shoulders back and relaxed.

Symptoms of poor posture:

When the body is held in a static position (e,g, sitting) approximately 50% of the body's muscles maintained a static contraction, placing more force on the body than during active movement. This can lead to muscle imbalance, increased pressure and load on the discs in the neck and the back, and decreased blood flow with reduced mobility in the spine.

Symptoms may include:

Pain across the shoulders or neck

Tension headache

Nerve pain, heavy feeling or numbness in your arms

Constant ache in your lower back or neck

Repetitive strain injuries in your wrist or hand (typing, musicians)

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