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Physiotherapy is an integral component of your road to recovery from a Stroke. Stroke known as a cerebrovascular accident is a result of lack of oxygen to the brain due to a clot causing decreased blood flow, or ruptured vessel in the brain. Physiotherapy applied early in the patient journey will improve, function, health, and independence.

Signs and Symptoms

FAST -Face drooping, Arm Weakness, Speech difficulties

Weakness of the face, arm and leg on one side of the body with decreased sensation, changes in vision, decreased cognitive function

Decreased coordination, double vision, dizziness, deafness

Sudden severe headache, loss of consciousness, nausea, vomiting


High blood pressure

High cholesterol


Physical inactivity


Physiotherapy Strategies

When providing physiotherapy post-stroke, the physiotherapist will create a specialized plan for each patient, depending on what parts of their body have been affected, and to what degree. The physiotherapist may use a wide range of techniques to support the victim’s recovery, including:

Occupational therapy

Speech therapy

Massage therapy

Manual therapy



A physiotherapist should always be prepared to adjust the stroke recovery plan as the patient’s needs change. They should also explain the use of the various therapies applied and answer any questions the patient has.

Stroke victims can expect personalized support from the physiotherapy team at Chavan Paralysis Physiotherapy.

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