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The human brain is a complex organ which depends on continuous blood supply. A disruption in blood-flow can cut vital oxygen and glucose to the brain and lead to brain death within a couple of minutes.

Stroke (also known as brain stroke or cerebrovascular accident) is a medical condition where the blood supply to a portion of the brain decreases or gets severely interrupted. It is a medical emergency wherein the cells of the brain start dying within minutes of being deprived of nutrients and oxygen due to the restriction of blood supply. The inability of brain cells (neurons) to regenerate results in permanent damage and irreversible consequences.

What are the symptoms of brain stroke?

Compared to men, women are more prone to get a brain stroke. Some of the common symptoms in men and women include:

Blurred, blackened or double vision in one or both eyes

Difficulty in speaking, slurring of speech and confusion

Difficulty in walking and balancing

Sudden severe headache with vomiting or unconsciousness

Sudden, one-sided paralysis or numbness of an arm or leg and face, drooping of lips to one side on smiling

Sudden headache

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