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Chavan Paralysis is the highest standard of health care, strong belief in ethical and transparent medical practices of providing affordable health care to the patient in a friendly environment and a culture of care and compassion. We believe that maintaining  good health is essential for a person's happiness and well-being. 

Chavan Paralysis origin are found in the Acient Indian physicians. Chavan paralysis help in leading a Healthy life. In this drug and medicine are included to the maintenance and promotion of good health. It also helps in preventing  from paralysis and curing it in proper ways. There are varied specialized ONLINE CONSULTATION  of of doctors for the diseases like Brain stroke,Facial paralysis, vocal cord paralysis, Low Back pain, etc., It is studied that Ayurveda has proved as best advantage in stroke paralysis, Facial Paralysis,  and many disorders. Practitioner’s of Chavan Paralysis tells that human health is maintened by the good condition Physiological Treatment .Chavan Paralysis Ayurvedic Treatment helps in providing best paralysis treatment through the best paralysis Doctors in Hyderabad to the people at Low Cost.


Mr. Ganesh Chavan (Founder)- He  has started his practice in  1982 by the name of Chavan Paralysis  which has became the most popular center for paralysis Treatment and Services, with excellent premier technology, a team of skilled doctors, and affordable services to many patients. Chavan ‌Paralysis is a Super Speciality Center for , with an ayurvedic speciality in cerebral paralysis, vocal cord paralysis, Brain stroke, and Facial Paralysis.

Mr.  Abhishek  Chavan  is a Managing  Director and CEO .He has an active leadership and strong management . After completed his graduation in Jawaharlal Nehru University of Hyderabad (JNTUH), he has started his practise in 2015.

Dr.Pooja Nagari is an Ayurvedic specialist in cerebral paralysis, vocal cord paralysis, Brain stroke, facial Paralysis.

In addition to all the other specialties, we have a special focus on Neuro, Stroke and Speech Therapy.. ect. At the Chavan’s  Center, we have state-of-the-art equipment and surgical solutions with the best medical minds, all of which come together seamlessly to provide the best results.

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